Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where We've Been

Where have we been the past couple weeks?

Chasing Beauty:

Hanging out with the husband:

Hanging out with our adopted family:

Raising Funds for Mom (yes, shameless plug, please help):

And otherwise avoiding blogging. Not for lack of ideas. Rather a lack of willingness to indulge the important issues of the hour. Drug violence in Veracruz and immigration policy changes, for example.

Drug violence coverage on this blog is deferred due to a journalist neighbor in Veracruz city being murdered in his home last month, along with his wife and son. They lived a stone's throw away from our house there. A couple weeks later another Veracruz journalist was found dead, her body dumped behind a newspaper building.

Real stories are under or unreported. The media has its own interests in spinning the truth, they don't want to die for writing a real story. Neither do we. Bottom line - violence is on the rise in Veracruz, as it throughout Mexico. We are still safe in Xico.

Immigration is not discussed much here due to its inflammatory nature. Although, it's been receiving more political attention nationally, so we might touch it here, too.

Last week we spotted Chief Wahoo along the roadside:
Interesting graphical choice considering the billboard is advertising custom windows. Still, nice to see another Cleveland sports fan exists in our vicinity. If we spot an solid-orange helmet with brown stripes we will take it as a sign from God to never leave the region.

Been missing the US more than usual lately. This happens every football season. It'll pass. We're still happy in Xico. Even when we've been away.