Saturday, October 1, 2011

Could you listen to this all day?

Barking dogs in Mexico are near equal in numbers to tortillas - they're everywhere. And every neighborhood has one that insists on being a bit more annoying that the others. No exception here in Xico.

About 15ft. separates the neighbor's wall and ours. Where from the other side comes the loudest, shrillest, most nerve-racking dog bark we've ever heard.

Non-stop. Never takes more than a 20-30min break during the day, and can go for hours. Impressive larynx and lungs. That need to be silenced very soon.

He takes the Most Annoying Dog in the Neighborhood title from the previous holder by a long shot. We thought the black lab on the roof was bad until this guy came around a couple days ago.

Now we spend the day with headphones on and earplugs in so as not to lose our sanity. We are contemplating how to soundproof this situation better. Build a high, double-layer wall? Foam padding on the interior?

I'm personally in favor of lacing a piece of meat with a strong sedative every morning. But that could get expensive. Toxins would be cheap and a one-time deal.

We have to do something. It's impossible to think let alone concentrate on work or any other task due to the shrieks of a rabid canine.

Take a listen. Could you listen to this all day?

Image of most annoying dog bark