Sunday, November 20, 2011

Self-Talk, Stateside

Ahhh...It's so nice to drive here.
Police are not looking for lunch money. I need not fear them.
Trash is in the can, not all over the ground.
It's so QUIET.
Nobody here walks. Anywhere.
I am pop-culture illiterate. And I'm fine with that.

Ahhh...toilet seats.
Farm animals only transport the Amish.
Fresh food is not always affordable.
Not a stray dog in sight.
Everyone is in a hurry.
Cash is curious...better pay with plastic.
Free refills!

Ahhh...a real steak. And Starbucks.
Where are the tortillas?
This 'authentic' guacamole sucks...going to make my own.
It's SO much easier to be pregnant here!
Ugh...super stores. I miss my small shops.
FLUSH the toilet paper.

Ahhh...soft clothes. Thank you, drying machine.
Hooray for Customer Service and refund policies!
I am walking...and I have the right-of-way?
Everyone's busy...nobody has time. Everyone is in debt.
Good to be back at church.
Baby likes bland. I can eat again.

Ahhh...indoor climate control.
Thank you, cold weather. You kill cockroaches.
No cheek-kiss greetings...hug or handshake.
Salsa is not supposed to be sweet...going to make my own.
Unsupervised stuff will not be stolen, in my home or elsewhere...most of the time.
Hot water on demand!
Where do they get these bananas? They taste terrible.

Ahhh...the four seasons. And all their holidays.
Fall is beautiful.
Can't wait to see snow.
I've really missed my family and friends.
I really miss my husband.
I'll do anything to have this baby born healthy...that's why I'm here without him.

And that's what I keep telling myself.